Путешественник из США впервые пересек Антарктиду без посторонней помощи

Американец Колин О’Брейди впервые в истории пересек Антарктиду без посторонней помощи. На это у него ушло 54 дня. В очном противостоянии О’Брейди опередил 44-летнего капитана британской армии Луиса Радда, который также шел через континент в память о своем погибшем друге Генри Уорсли.

Колин О’Брейди начал свое путешествие 3 ноября на побережье Атлантического океана. За полтора месяца он преодолел почти полторы тысячи километров и завершил свою экспедицию у берегов другого океана – Тихого. На протяжении всего маршрута 33-летний уроженец Портленда тащил за собой 170-килограммовые сани со снаряжением.

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I made it!!! I officially set foot on the Frozen Continent today- 24 hrs earlier than expected. Antarctica greeted with a stunning panoramic view on a blue bird day. The air temperature was a balmy -25C when I stepped off the plane, see the puff of frozen air coming out of my mouth in the photo. This place is incredibly enchanting; my body has a visceral reaction to its beauty. My cheeks were literally sore for 15 minutes after landing as I could not wipe the smile off my face. There will be many hard days ahead, but today was joyful. The expedition itself has not begun quite yet. The first step is hitching a ride to the continent in this huge plane and landing on a 3 mile blue ice runway, near an encampment called Union Glacier where I am now. I am camping here awaiting good weather to be dropped off at my starting point. Once that happens, hopefully in the next couple of days, a small twin otter ski plane will take me to the edge of the continent. Then I will begin my crossing. For now, I’m resting my head for the first night in my tent in Antarctica, the first of many on the frozen ground. #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible

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Day 24: CHOOSE TO SEE THE BEAUTY. So much of our experience in life, finding happiness and calm versus suffering and sadness corresponds not to what is happening to us, but rather how we choose to experience it. Imagine you are on a long haul 10 hour international flight. You could choose to think about the discomfort of the cramped seats, the lackluster food, and challenge of jet lag. Or you could choose to embrace the excitement that this plane is taking you on an adventure in a foreign land. Antarctica is brutal and inhospitable. I’m usually uncomfortable all day, from the second I step outside and the -25 degree temp stings my face. The sled weighs me down endlessly making me earn each step. There is no shortage of challenges and things to complain about each day, and at times I am guilty of letting these challenges get to me. However, today I decided I was going to choose to see the beauty, and marvel at this spectacular place I find myself inhabiting. I have so much to be grateful for being out here. The next time you face adversity in your life, my recommendation is: Choose to see the beauty. It makes all the difference. #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible

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Во время своей экспедиции, которую О’Брейди назвал The Impossible First («Первая невозможная»), американец регулярно делился впечатлениями в Instagram. На сайте похода любой желающий мог в реальном времени мог отслеживать успехи О’Брейди с помощью GPS-трекера.

Во время похода американец соревновался с британцем Луисом Раддом, который также совершал одиночный переход через Антарктику. Радд посвятил свою экспедицию своему другу Генри Уорсли, погибшему в Антарктиде в 2017 году. Уорсли пытался в одиночку пересечь снежную пустыню.

«Я много думал о Генри сегодня… Я несу флаг с его фамильным гербом, который мне любезно передала его супруга Джоанна. Он везде брал с собой этот флаг и для меня очень важно, чтобы на этот раз фамильный герб Уорсли прошел весь путь до самого конца», — сказал Радд.

Последние 130 км американец преодолел одним броском, который занял у него более суток.

«Хотя последние 32 часа оказались одними из самых сложных в моей жизни, они, честно говоря, были и одними из самых лучших моментов, которые я когда- либо переживал», — написал американец в своем Instagram.

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Day 54: FINISH LINE!!! I did it! The Impossible First ✅. 32 hours and 30 minutes after leaving my last camp early Christmas morning, I covered the remaining ~80 miles in one continuous «Antarctica Ultramarathon» push to the finish line. The wooden post in the background of this picture marks the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, where Antarctica’s land mass ends and the sea ice begins. As I pulled my sled over this invisible line, I accomplished my goal: to become the first person in history to traverse the continent of Antarctica coast to coast solo, unsupported and unaided. While the last 32 hours were some of the most challenging hours of my life, they have quite honestly been some of the best moments I have ever experienced. I was locked in a deep flow state the entire time, equally focused on the end goal, while allowing my mind to recount the profound lessons of this journey. I’m delirious writing this as I haven’t slept yet. There is so much to process and integrate and there will be many more posts to acknowledge the incredible group of people who supported this project. But for now, I want to simply recognize my #1 who I, of course, called immediately upon finishing. I burst into tears making this call. I was never alone out there. @jennabesaw you walked every step with me and guided me with your courage and strength. WE DID IT!! We turned our dream into reality and proved that The Impossible First is indeed possible. «It always seems impossible until it’s done.» — Nelson Mandela. #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible

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Сразу по окончании экспедиции О’Брейди созвонился со своей женой Дженной Бизоу и поблагодарил ее и своих близких за поддержку.

Жена О’Брейди призналась: во время телефонного разговора ее муж рассказал, что по возвращении домой первым делом хочет свежую рыбу и салат. На протяжении всего путешествия американец был вынужден питаться замороженными полуфабрикатами.

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Day 13: WELCOME TO MY KITCHEN. I’ve been asked a lot about what it is that I eat out here. Well, it’s Groundhogs day. I literally eat the same thing in the same sequence each day. Pictured here in my @hilleberg_the_tentmaker tent vestibule where I cook (aka boil water), I’ll explain the items from top to bottom. I start the day with a special oatmeal blend that has extra oil (added for fat) and protein powder. Next in the ziplock bag is the key to my success; the @standardprocess custom «Colin Bars» at 4000 calories per day are what I eat while I’m outside pulling the sled. I eat about 500 calories worth of bar every 90 minutes when I stop to take a 5 minute break. I worked with the top doctors and food scientists at Standard Process to get this just right. We did loads of blood tests and honed in the exact ingredients and nutrients that would fuel me the best. It’s all 100% whole food and organic. Things like coconut oil, nuts and seeds, and additional whole food supplementation to optimize all the phytonutrients I need. Honestly, this stuff is magic and I’m confident will be the key to success. As pictured I have one ramen in the middle of the day for a warm pick-me-up and some extra salt. In my cup here is two servings of Standard Process Veg-E Complete Pro protein. This is the first thing I have when I get in my tent after a long day. Then comes four cups of chicken noodle soup for the soul, and lastly an @alpineaire freeze dried dinner. I have four flavors, but my favorite has been the Black Bart Chili. ~7000 calories total intake fueling me each day. Food makes up the vast majority of the weight in my sled, but each day that I eat my ration, my sled gets a little lighter and I can go a little farther. Then repeat. I wake up and do it all over again! Check out the @outsidemagazine article that details more about my nutrition! #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible https://www.outsideonline.com/2365661/colin-obrady-how-fuel-solo-unassisted-antarctic-crossing

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Сам же О’Брейди думал, что после финиша захочет чизбургер.

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